Now Everything Floats

Perfect Gift for any home or office Magnetic levitation gadget with LED lights bring balance (Feng Shui) to your surroundings all year round, and help you meditate to achieve enlightenment.

This is an awesome high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy. To have something hovering, levitating, floating and giving the illusion of anti gravity is extremely nice to look at, and most of all, to have as a decor ornament that goes well with any style of home and office furnishings. This high tech gadget also comes with a LED light feature that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark.

It is operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system. The magnetic above the gadget contains an electro magnet and a magnetic field sensor.

The base contains a micro-processor and the electronic control components that make the gadget levitate. The gadget is simple to install, it works straight out of the box, and within a couple of minutes you will have mastered the ancient technique of magnetism. Once you get the gadget levitating, just give it a little spin with your finger and watch it rotate for an extended period of time.

Floatry Display Stands

This cool gadget makes a great display unit for your retail shop, business and home.

Finished with the very best materials, they guarantee that your product will get noticed. We have off the shelf products but we are also able to work with you to create a custom display for your product or idea.

Drop us an email or fill out the contact form with your vision and we’ll work our magic to create a unique bespoke eye-catcher.

• Can hold up to 100 gm to 5 Kg in mid air
• Platform adjusts automatically to changing weights
• Spotlights to enhance levitating objects
• Suitable for window display

Floatry  Photo Frames

An ideal gift for someone you love.
Perfect Gift for any home or office. This is an awesome high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy.

Innovative design signifying the wonders and mysteries of electro-magnetism. Photo will be floating (anti-gravity) in the mid-air all by itself. The frame can hold 2 pictures, one on each side. Push the frame slightly and it will keep spinning around to show pictures on both sides with LED light on the base. Very easy to install and use.

Floatry Lamps

The Anti-Gravity Floating Lamp Displays will stop you in your tracks and make you rub your eyes in disbelief. It looks like someone hacked into the lampshade with a chainsaw and the top half is now floating in the air above the stand.

The way it works is by using an electromagnet inside the base which creates a magnetic force-field strong enough to make even Magneto go green in the face with envy.

Cool colors and a shiny metallic stand in a compact size make it ideal for use as a table lamp, desk lamp or nightlight.