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Laser Projection

Laser Projection Portable Keyboard
for Tablets and Mobiles

Combining portability with functionality, this ultra portable laser keyboard is the solution for a portable keyboard which doesn't take up much space. Slide it in your pocket and experience the comfort of typing on a virtual keyboard anywhere you go. This projection keyboard will work via Bluetooth connection to main devices, like Tablet PC, Smartphone, Desktop PC and Video game

Innovative Technology

As a new input device, using the built-in infrared laser transmitter to project the standard keyboard on the working surface , you can locate the click position and input the information by the method of optical identification.

Without physical keyboard, small size, easy to carry, this projection keyboard can adapt to most of the working environment.

Product Features

- Laser Projection Portable Keyboard for Tablets and Mobiles
- Built-in Li-polymer rechargeable battery with a 600 mAh battery
- English QWERTY keyboard layout and fast and accurate data input
- Best works on a non-reflective opaque flat dust-free surface
 - Easliy pair bluetooth laser projection keyboard to your Apple iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, laptop or tablets
 - Colour : Black
- Item Weight : 60 g
- Product Dimensions : 78 x 40 x 20 mm
- Keyboard Layout  : 240 mm x 100 mm
- Project Surface : Non reflective, Opaque, Flat surface
Battery & Capacity : Li-ion Polyment Battery, 600 mAh 3.7V
- Battery Operating Time  : Approx 120 min
- Frequency Range  : 2402 - 2480 MHz